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The SADC WE WANT campaign calls for active participation in regional unity towards a prosperous and inclusive SADC that enables meaningful participation for all people, in all of the political, social and economic issues facing the region.

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Show your support by signing the campaign petitions and add your own message for the SADC WE WANT here. Need more information? Learn more, join the debate on social media or participate in the campaign activities near you.

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Why is it important to get involved?

  • We – the people of southern Africa – want a SADC that is Just, Peaceful, Prosperous and People-Centred.
  • The SADC WE WANT Campaign was decided upon by the representatives of Civil Society in Southern Africa and launched at the 9th Civil Society Forum in Lilongwe Malawi.
  • The SADC WE WANT Campaign is a reaffirmation of the founding principles of the SADC and a reminder to the leaders of 15 member states of their commitments to participatory democracy that respects both the rule of law and human rights.
  • Above all it is a resolute and emphatic injection of the voices of the people who live in the region, into the social, political and economic processes that affect their daily lives.
  • The SADC WE WANT campaign aims to win widespread support from 10 million voices within the region. These voices, united in purpose, can achieve a SADC that is people-centred and gender balanced; that guarantees the rights and dignity of every human, allowing member states to transcend inequality and counter poverty with sustainable economies and trade that is mindful, just and fair.
  • The campaign is led by the civil society Apex Alliance which includes the Southern African Trade Unions Coordination Council (SATUCC) and the Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa (FOCCISA).

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