Campaign Overview

What we demand in the SADC WE WANT campaign amounts to no more than the rights granted to us in the SADC Treaty and Protocols entered into by the Member States of SADC. Our three core demands are a precursor to a larger agenda taking shape in regional civil society circles, which is to effect lasting institutional change within SADC. The campaign:

  • Is designed to achieve a transformation in the relationship between Member States, SADC and the people of Southern Africa.
  • Seeks to evolve SADC into a fully-fledged regional authority with the power to set regional policies and enforceable legal instruments, overseen by an independent judiciary and held accountable by duly elected public representatives.
  • Seeks to evolve SADC into a regional authority which is empowered by, and accountable to, its citizens and people, towards the creation of a continental system of governance responsive to, and grounded in, the will of the people and exercised through both accountable and responsible institutions of governance.
  • Seeks a SADC that is transparent, accountable, inclusive and responsive to the needs and aspirations of the people in the region within a democratic and good corporate governance framework.

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