Campaign Organisations

Regional Apex Alliance

The SADC WE WANT campaign is led and coordinated by a civil society Apex Alliance. The Apex Alliance is a regional civil society organization that came into being in 2010, as an alliance between  SADC Council of NGOs (SADC-CNGO), Southern African Trade Unions Coordination Council (SATUCC) and The Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa (FOCCISA).

Southern African Trade Unions Coordination Council (SATUCC)

Formed in 1983, the Southern African Trade Union Co-ordination Council (SATUCC) has become the main regional trade union organization in SADC.  Its membership consists of all major trade union federations in the SADC region. SATUCC has been at the centre of various critical initiatives over the years.

During the 1980s and into the early 1990s, the key focus was on supporting liberation struggles in the region, however, following the political liberation in the entire SADC region SATUCC’s political focus has shifted towards promoting and defending democracy and good governance. SATUCC also collaborates with other social formations in SADC around common positions and actions. Visit SATUCC

The Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa (FOCCISA)

The Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa was founded in 1980 as Fellowship of Christian Councils in East and Southern Africa (FOCCESA) and as FOCCISA in 1999. It’s objective is to enable Christian councils in the sub-region to pool their resources and energy.

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SADC Council of NGOs (SADC-CNGO)

The Southern Africa Development Community Council of Non Governmental Organisations (SADC-CNGO) is an independent apex organisation of umbrella NGO formations in all the 15 SADC Member States.  The SADC-CNGO was formed in 1998 to facilitate meaningful engagement of the people of the region with SADC Secretariat at regional level, and with the Member States at national level through national NGO umbrella bodies.

SADC-CNGO has a memorandum of cooperation with the SADC Secretariat and aims to facilitate civil society contribution to regional integration for sustainable people-centred development, open and accountable governance and participatory democracy.   Visit SADC-CNGO

SADC-CNGO Member Organisations

Civil Society Forum (CSF)

The Southern African Civil Society Forum, which meets parallel to the SADC Summit of Heads of State and Governments, is an annual event that brings together various civil society organisations in southern Africa to discuss issues pertaining to regional integration and development. The CSF is aimed at facilitating policy interaction between civil society and regional leaders.

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