SADC WE WANT is a broad-based civil society campaign demanding people-centred policies, inclusive regional governance and sustainable development throughout the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The campaign is a show of regional solidarity and a massive vote – by signature – for a prosperous, peaceful and integrated SADC. We, the people of southern Africa, are uniting across national borders, to ask for an SADC that is more transparent, more accountable and more open to participation.

Core Campaign Demands

1. SADC Parliament

Agree to a SADC Parliament.

2. Regional Court of Justice

Immediately agree to the establishment of a Regional Court of Justice

3. Free Movement of People

Sign, ratify and domesticate the Protocol on the Facilitation of the Movement of Persons

“We want a SADC that is characterised by a people-centred development paradigm; that guarantees rights and dignity of every human being regardless of race, colour, ethnicity, religion, political opinion, social status and age; free from poverty; gender-sensitive; with stable economies underpinned by equitable and sustainable development, fair and just trade and redistribution of wealth and productive assets; which respects the rule of law and upholds democratic values and human rights.”

– SADC Civil Society Forum Statement August 2012

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